Murcian exports to the African continent represent around 10% of the annual sales of the Region of Murcia abroad

The Region of Murcia has exported close to 1,000 million on average per year, for the last six, to Africa, with constant increases, except in 2020 due to the pandemic, which makes the Region of Murcia, considered as a province, the fourth largest exporter. to the emerging African continent, figures that represent 10% of annual sales abroad.

“One of the objectives of Foreign Promotion Plan, which we execute with the Chambers of Commerce of Murcia, Lorca and Cartagena is the diversification of our markets. In this sense, the growth of exports to Africa, if we except the drop caused by Covid-19, serves to strengthen our strategy, especially if we consider the geographical proximity that facilitates logistics and the fact that many of our products and services They fit perfectly with the demands of many African markets, especially West Africa and the Maghreb countries, as well as Egypt,” says Joaquín Gómez, director of the Development Institute (Info).

In fact, Info has recently intensified its activities in various African countries such as, for example, during the recent Yecla Fair where it has placed special emphasis on the search for buyers through Contract Channel. Likewise, Spain's Commercial Offices in Africa have traditionally been destinations for internationalization scholarship recipients, such as this year in Luanda, the Angolan capital. On the other hand, the Foreign Network offers Murcian companies specialized managers “in situ” to initiate or consolidate their commercial relationships in countries such as Morocco, Senegal or Cameroon.

The share of regional exports over national exports to Africa during the last 5 years has remained constant around an average of 5.7%, being 5.79% in 2020.

The number of exporting companies, both in the last year and in the period 2015-2020, has decreased by approximately 1,500 companies that maintained commercial relations on the African continent.

Murcia is among the top five provinces that have exported to Africa in recent years, with some of the main exported products being: fuels and lubricants, live animals, other fats and oils or chemical products.

Among the products that have obtained positive growth both in the last year and in the 2015-2020 period, we can highlight: chemical products, machinery for the beverage and wine industry, various food preparations or ingredients and additives for food.

By geographical areas, Africa is the fourth region where Murcian exports are directed with 9,11% of them for the last year 2020, this being the lowest participation rate of the last period 2015-2020.

Despite the difficulties created by the pandemic last year, Murcia's trade balance with Africa presents a favorable balance for the Region, with a figure greater than €376 M and a coverage rate of 171,24%.

Source: INFO Murcia