The World Bank willing to finance up to 3 billion dollars

The Minister of Infrastructure, Land Transport and Openness assures that it is a matter of time before the different parties, the State and the financial partners can complete this project.

Among the donors that can participate in the realization of this project, "Canadian Cooperation is prepared to build bidirectional roads of standard width for an axle weight of 22.5 tons."

An ambitious project that would amount to $ 3,000 million and that is of interest to other donors willing to provide financing such as the World Bank and the Etihad Ride company.

It is a 656 km project that will integrate the Tambacounda and Kédougou mining areas and the process is ongoing. "We are in phase with the partners and we intend to finalize with one or the other during the year and the work will begin in 2023," said Mansour Faye.

Welcoming the conversations with the various partners, he maintains that "the project will allow solving the railway problem but also the exploitation of minerals in Tambacounda and the transport of minerals from Matam, in particular phosphates from Ndiendouri", specifying that the Head of State Macky Sall attaches great importance to this issue and has made it a priority.

Furthermore, Mansour Faye evoked the case of the large trains from Senegal that remain imprisoned in Rufisque. "Arrangements will be made for these locomotives to be removed," he assured.

Regarding the construction of the Tivaoune Mékhé and Thiès Tivaoune axes, financing of nearly 100 million CFA francs has been completed, the execution of which will allow better management of the transport of people on these axes.

According to the minister, APIX has already taken the initiative and the trains parked in Rufisque will be vacated as soon as possible.

Source: Africa Supply Chain