The organizers of the urban music festival, L'Boulevard, have revealed, on Monday, September 4 in Casablanca, the program of the 21st edition, which will take place from the 15th to the 24th of this month, with the participation of 39 groups, including 5 from abroad.

During a press conference given by the founders of the festival, Merhari Mohamed and Hicham Bahou, the participation of the Malian group "Tinariwen", recognized master of Tuareg blues, the Polish extreme metal style group "Decapitated", the Algerian group of rock gnawa “Djmawi Africa”, French-Algerian rapper “Tif” and Palestinian artist Rasha Nahas.

«This year's programming covers various musical tastes and genres. "We are very pleased to welcome the famous Malian group Tinariwen, who performs for the first time in Casablanca, especially because there is a generation of groups from the southeast of the Kingdom that is interested in this type of music, that is, Tuareg blues," he highlighted. Hicham Bahou.

Moroccan artists also have their place at the festival. Topping the list is the return to the music scene of the group «Ganga Vibes», in addition to the participation of the rapper Shobee, the groups Chikno, Old School, DJ Zulu Nawfel, Minerva, DIIB, Lazywall, Thrillogy, The Leila, Meteor Airlines, among others.

"To promote local creativity, which is the vocation of L'Boulevard, we have also invited groups of little-known young artists, with the aim of highlighting them," stressed Mohamed Merhari.

As usual, L'Boulevard will provide the opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their talent through the Tremplin competition. This competition brings together a previous selection of groups and artists chosen by a jury made up of musicians and professionals from the music industry.

For this 21st edition, the organizers point out that the committee received a total of 281 applications: 236 in the rap/hip hop category, 12 in the rock/metal category and 33 in the fusion and other music category. After deliberation, fifteen groups and artists from Casablanca, Azilal, Agadir, Tiznit, Marrakech, M'hamid El Ghizlane and Rabat were selected. For three days, these young musicians will perform before the public, and the jury will select two groups or artists per category, thus giving them the opportunity to make the leap from amateur practice to the professionalization of their music.

In this edition, the "Souk" is also planned, an ephemeral market that is held parallel to the festival and its musical performances. For this 21st edition of L'Boulevard, the Souk will have more than thirty stands and exhibitors.

«The Souk, which this year welcomes new exhibitors, including associations, artists and creators, also has its own stage and musical programming. Its objective is to provide young talents with a platform to express their art and allow the public to discover emerging groups and musicians up close,” explained Hicham Bahou in this regard.

Furthermore, the 21st edition of L'Boulevard foresees awareness-raising activities, including an action called “Souk Rassek”, a mediation and awareness-raising device against gender violence, in collaboration with the 4S association team, as well as educational visits and formations.

Article source: finances news