This Tuesday, November 28, as representatives from around the world gather in Paris to select the host of World Expo 2030, Saudi Arabia will reaffirm its commitment to empowering African leaders to lead global dialogue and collaboration on the most pressing challenges. of this century.

The Kingdom's long history of association with the continent is a reason for determination to continue collaborating with Africa in jointly defining the global future. Expo Riyadh 2030 is a natural platform to deepen this story of friendship and collaboration. Indeed, our ambition for the Expo is for it to be a truly global platform, where each country has a full and equal place at the table to generate an impact that goes beyond 2030.

At the heart of this ambition is our Collaborative Change Corner – Expo C3, as we call it, a landmark initiative that will bring together leading countries and organizations to create innovative partnerships that will foster a more secure, sustainable and prosperous future. Through Expo C3, all countries will be able to identify the most pressing challenges we must address as a global community and chart the path to overcome them together.

Starting in 2025, Expo C3 will launch at least 27 major international projects that will capture shared priorities and advance common goals. Building on the overall theme of the Expo, “The Age of Change: Together for a Bright Future” and its essential subthemes – “A Different Future”, “Climate Action” and “Prosperity for All” – these projects will create and present global innovations to the entire world.

Expo C3 will address clearly defined challenges, whether fighting water scarcity, urban heat and aridity, preserving and regenerating ecosystems, developing clean energy for all, maximizing access, accessibility and belonging, increasing opportunity and equity in education, or leveraging technology to meet our most important human needs.

To fully achieve this impact, we will maximize collaboration for each project. We will ensure that collaborators not only network to achieve common goals, but are also supported by world-leading experts and mentors. We will provide collaborators with the tools, space and infrastructure necessary to incubate and develop each project by 2030. Finally, we will generously fund each project through a fund dedicated to Expo C3.

We are also deeply committed to ensuring a global perspective at Expo Riyadh 2030, a perspective that fully includes African countries and recognizes their rightful place at the table to work towards a better future for us all. In fact, we embed the principles of collaboration, diversity and inclusion into the very fabric of Expo, including through Expo C3. Each project will bring together partners from three different continents, one of them being a developing country eligible for our Expo Facilities Package.

We will not settle for African leaders having a real voice in the direction and impact of these projects. We are committed to including African leaders in the Expo C3 Evaluation Commission, which will bring together 27 global experts to guide the ideation and development of all projects. This Evaluation Commission will also ensure that Expo C3 projects stay on track and that each project team has the resources and support necessary to succeed.

By combining vision, impact and inclusion, Expo C3 will create an opportunity for global collaboration that will not only generate concrete reflections on the most essential challenges we face, but also clear paths to address them.

We are grateful for the support we have received from the continent. In partnership with you, we will build a sustainable dialogue and pathway that will enable the global community to aim higher, together, in 2030 and beyond. Join us as we create an innovative and prosperous future for Africa and the world.

Article source:jeuneafrique