Social innovation, research and development, participation of women in agricultural research, artificial intelligence and technology... various initiatives are launched by the OCP Foundation with the aim of promoting sustainable development in Morocco and Africa.

The OCP Foundation is committed to social innovation by developing innovative solutions to address social, economic and environmental challenges. The foundation's initiatives have led to the support of more than 800 cooperatives in Morocco and Africa, the creation of a solidarity market "Sookoa", the support of 24 young cooperative entrepreneurs in the "Jil lmoutadamine" program and 32 cooperatives in the " Lala Al mouataaouina. Also highlighted is the support and training of 600 newly created cooperatives in 12 regions of Morocco within the framework of the "Mourafaka" program, with the creation of a networking network for 55 cooperatives through the "Rawabit" program.

Social Innovation

The OCP Foundation promotes the social and solidarity economy (ESS) to support the agricultural sector, providing support to more than 460 cooperatives, which represents 58% of accompanied cooperatives. It encourages the grouping of farmers to optimize their activities, promotes the creation of solidarity markets and short circuits, and works to facilitate farmers' access to new markets, while promoting transparent and ethical commercial practices. The foundation's support focuses on the needs of small farmers, the protection of the environment and the improvement of living conditions.

Investigation and development

In the field of R&D, the OCP Foundation has ambitious objectives, with the development of an innovative model for managing research funds, the creation of an R&D network for the Moroccan and African ecosystem, and the promotion of applied research. It achieved these objectives with 190 research projects and the creation of 12 funds in collaboration with institutions in Morocco and Africa. In collaboration with the Mohamed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), the OCP Foundation promotes innovation, research and development, contributing to the scientific advancement of Morocco and the continent. The foundation also places an emphasis on food security by putting R&D and social innovation at the service of agriculture, with more than 15% of the 190 supported research projects directly related to agriculture.

Participation of Women in Agricultural Research

The OCP Foundation is actively committed to promoting women's participation in agricultural research in Africa. They support initiatives such as “FUERTES”, an association that seeks to strengthen the skills of 22 women researchers and doctoral students in Senegal. At the same time, the foundation launches the “Women in Tech & AI” program with the UM6P, with the aim of promoting the development of African women in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology, with 50 African women selected for the first cohort. These programs have the general objective of encouraging the creation of new technologies and startups to improve the agricultural, educational, social sectors and address health, climate and environmental challenges in Africa.

Article source: lobservateur