BP, the British refining company, revealed that work on the Grand Tortue Ahmeyim (GTA) Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project is more than 89% complete. They assure that their teams are currently working to ensure a seamless connection and integration, bringing all the pieces together in a megaproject ready for gas production.

The information was released yesterday Wednesday during a meeting that brought together several civil society actors, in the presence of representatives of the Senegalese government, including the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE), and associated companies such as Petrosen, Kosmos Energy and SMH. .

In this forum focused on the Grand Tortue Ahmeyim (GTA) gas field, located on the maritime border between Mauritania and Senegal, Massaer Cissé, General Director of BP Senegal, specified that working in close collaboration with partners such as Petrosen, Kosmos Energy and SMH, the first phase of gas exploitation has almost been completed.

According to Massaer Cissé, director of BP, the project represents a transformation opportunity for Senegal, with positive impacts on job creation, economic growth and energy security. “As the TMN operator in the country, we assume our responsibility in terms of transparency and accountability in the Senegalese extractive sector”, a statement to reassure civil society that also participated in this meeting.

Furthermore, he recognized that the voice of civil society is essential to promote good governance and accountability in this sector, especially in this gas project, in particular with regard to local content, the supply chain, the development of local labor, social investments and environmental management.

According to him, BP has recognized the key role that national civil society plays in promoting good governance in the extractive sector and in disseminating accurate information about the GTA project to the public, especially local communities.

The representative of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Yahya Badiane, recalled that since the discovery of oil and gas, the State of Senegal has carried out extensive consultation with the various interested parties. And it is in this context that this meeting organized by BP to dialogue with civil society takes place.

Article source:businessnewsafrica