The Chinese community and Nigerians gathered on Sunday in Lagos, where the first festivities began to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. Under the sign of the dragon, this new year will be officially celebrated on February 10th.

I miss China, but I also think now the Spring Festival doesn't just belong to China, it's a celebration for the whole world. So, even if I'm in Nigeria, I can feel the hospitality of Nigerians, I can feel that I'm in a second home in Nigeria," said Eric Chen, computer consultant.

I believe we can learn lessons from cultural renaissance. They celebrate their culture, you know, that's what keeps them together and makes them grow. We've abandoned our culture, you can see how I'm dressed, I would like to celebrate my culture, that's exactly what we are. A man who loses his culture is dead," said Mike Anjorin, Nigerian architect.

Chinese Consul General Yan Yuqing participated in the festivities and expressed her joy at seeing the traditions of her country celebrated in Lagos and around the world.

We often say that the Spring Festival is a Chinese holiday, but it also belongs to the whole world. Last year, the United Nations announced that the Chinese Spring Festival would be an international holiday. Therefore, I am very happy that people from all over the world, including Nigeria, can celebrate the New Year with the Chinese," said the diplomat.

Nigeria and China have maintained close cultural and economic relations in recent years; bilateral trade between Nigeria and China reached $22.6 billion in 2023.

Article source: africanews