With 13,772 units sold, it records a growth of 22% compared to the same period last year. The private vehicle segment shows 12,021 registrations, representing an increase of 21.3%

On its part, the light commercial vehicles (LCV) category reaches 1,751 deliveries, experiencing a 26.6% increase. Thanks to this performance, the market approaches its level from last year. Thus, the total sum of sales amounts to 143,986 units sold, representing a slight decrease of 0.9%.

In the top 5 passenger car sales (PC) rankings, Dacia remains unbeatable in its leading position with 30,250 registrations. However, the low-cost brand experiences a decline of 14%. Following closely is Renault, with 20,958 cars sold, representing a 9.9% increase. With both brands, the Renault Group claims a 39.56% market share.

Hyundai comfortably maintains its third position with 13,345 deliveries, experiencing a 5.76% increase. Peugeot holds the fourth position with a sales volume of 10,068 vehicles, representing a growth of 5.4%.

Delivering an outstanding performance, Volkswagen takes the fifth position with 7,717 units sold and a remarkable increase of 54%.

Source of the article: finance news