In the country, the executive seeks to strengthen producers' access to fertilizers in order to improve the productivity of the sector.

In Guinea, Prime Minister Bernard Goumou received a ship loaded with 28,000 tons of urea in the port of Conakry on August 24 for the benefit of the National Chamber of Agriculture (CNA). The announcement was made through a statement published on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

This is the largest order for urea made by the executive. Although the cost of the transaction has not been revealed, it is known that the delivery of the cargo is carried out by the Moroccan company OCP and financed by the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA).

According to the details of the statement, this stock will be packaged in 50 kg bags and distributed to farmers at a subsidized price of 300,000 Guinean francs ($34.8). «This event marks an important milestone in the implementation of agricultural policies aimed at supporting our farmers and strengthening our agricultural sector. It is important to highlight that 80% of these fertilizers will be distributed by the private sector,” said Madina Dansoko, vice president of the CNA.

«The actors in charge of bringing these inputs closer to farmers are also invited to carry out efficient delivery in all prefectures and sub-prefectures of the country. This operation is the first stage in a series, and the income generated from the sales will be used to purchase other agricultural inputs,” said Mr. Goumou.

In Guinea, the level of fertilizer use is estimated at 6.9 kg per hectare of arable land, according to 2019 World Bank data, compared to a continental average of 26.4 kg.

Article source :ECOM NEWS AFRIQUE