The 6th edition of the International Festival of North Africa and Sahel countries, organized by the Aman Foundation for Sustainable Development, took place on Thursday in Fes, with Mali as the guest of honor

The opening of the festival, initiated by the Aman Foundation for Sustainable Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication, and the Regional Council of Fes-Meknes, was marked by a visit to an exhibition on Amazigh culture showcasing gastronomy, craftsmanship, and Amazigh costumes

This event, which took place from January 11 to 13 under the theme 'For a Prosperous Africa,' was an opportunity to pay tribute to the Minister of Handicrafts, Culture, Hotel Industry, and Tourism of Mali, Andogoly Guindo, as well as other figures in the academic and media sphere in recognition of their efforts to promote Amazigh culture.

Article source: le360