The magnitude 7 earthquake that occurred on the night of Friday to Saturday left 2,122 dead and 2,421 injured, according to a new report published on Sunday by the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior.

"Morocco accepts aid from four countries, including Spain and the United Kingdom"

Morocco announced on Sunday that it has accepted help from four countries after the powerful earthquake that hit it: Spain, the United Kingdom, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The Ministry of the Interior reported in a statement that Morocco responded favorably, 'at this time', to offers from these four countries to 'send search and rescue teams', while several other states, including France, have offered to provide your help.

The Spanish, British, Qatari and Emirati rescue brigades 'entered into contact today [Sunday] with their counterparts in Morocco to coordinate their efforts, according to the same source.

Thanking all countries that offered to send rescuers, the ministry stated that Morocco accepted help from only four of them 'after carrying out a meticulous assessment of needs on the ground and taking into account that lack of coordination could be counterproductive. '.

The statement notes that other offers could be accepted in the future 'if needs change'.

"Several countries, from France to the United States and Israel, offered their help to Morocco after the devastating earthquake that left more than 2,100 dead."

Article source:le monde