The Algerian-Italian company Sonatrach-Eni has announced the discovery of an important oil and gas field in the Berkine basin, in southern Algeria.

«During the production test phase, this well reached 46.4 m3/h (equivalent to 7,000 barrels/day) of oil and 140,000 m3/day of associated gas. Preliminary estimates indicate that This reserve is around 140 million barrels of crude oil«, has indicated the mixed company.

The production phase will be accelerated thanks to the 'fast track' process that is expected to allow start production in the third quarter of 2022.

The prospecting well is located about 300 kilometers southeast of the town of Hassi Mesaud in an initiative in which the Algerian state-owned Sonatrach owns 51% of the shares and the Italian Eni owns 49%.

The new field, located 15 kilometers from the project's refinery, "has great crude oil potential," according to the press release made public.

They are now studying the excavation of a second well in April and four more drillings are planned in the northern region of the Berkine basin.

Source: ElEconomista